Providing seed money


— Our Mission

Our primary mission is to provide a safe home for at-risk Ethiopian orphans. This will enable us to keep them off the dangerous streets and in school – giving them the chance at a brighter future. Seccondly, we aim to provide vulnerable families with a decent livelihood by helping them generate sustainable income through our various projects. Our projects aim to help vulnerable children and disadvantaged families live without hunger, disease and exploitation. 

— Our Vision

Our vision is a world where each child and family has a sustainable livelihood sufficient to provide for their needs. We envisage a world where children are safely housed, educated and belong to a loving family. 

How we help


— Sustainable Livelihoods
 & Seed Money

Through our various in-country projects, Betseb International Aid is able to help numerous families generate sustainable livelihoods. This on-going income enables parents to provide for their children’s needs including food, shelter and schooling.


— Feeding Hungry Children

With so many little mouths to feed, our cooks are certainly kept busy! We provide 3 balanced meals and snacks to every child every day. We use fresh, in-season produce purchased from local markets to ensure each meal is as nutritious as possible


— Training Health Advocates

Betseb International is planning to roll out our Health Advocate courses so our trainees can take their newfound knowledge back to their local communities to improve sanitation and nutrition. 


— Providing Schooling

All school-aged children are taught by professionally-trained teachers on our own property. With small class sizes and a kindergaten as well, we’re able to help our children learn important skills to improve their future prospects. 


— Self Help Groups

Betseb’s self help groups are made up of poor familes that join together informally to work together to inrease the level of their household income and that of their local community. Our self help groups are improving the lives of poverty-striken Ethiopians every day!

Health Advocates program

Betseb International plan to help improve general wellbeing across local communities by training and equipping Health Advocates. Each of our trainees will go through comprehensive health awareness courses where they will learn important information such as:

  • Proper sanitation practices to protect their communities
  • Healthy hygiene skills to prevent the spread of disease
  • COVID safety protocols to reduce infection
  • Diabetes awareness
  • The dangers of drug and alcohol use
  • The importance of a balanced diet, especially for children

Our Health Advocates will then be encouraged to share their newfound knowledge and skills within their communities!

education assistance program

With approximately one third of all Ethiopian families living below the poverty line, attending school is out of reach of many children. Children often work to support their family and government funded schools  are overcrowded and with poor quality education. Unfortunately, this sees many bright young children go without an education and they miss out on the chance to better their lives through schooling. 

Betseb International dream that every child has the chance to go to school to give them the opportunity at a better life. We are working to identify needy families to help their children enrol in school. Our programs will give kids the support they need throughout their education journey with money for uniforms, books and transport.

With the kind support of our donors, we’re able to change the lives of the poorest children and give them hope for a brighter future.

dreams for our orphans

Living in a Safe Place

We dream that all orphaned children will have a safe place to call home where they can live without fear.

Learning & Playing in a Great School

We dream that all orphaned children will have the opportunity to fully participate in education and develop skills to reach their potential.

Growing Up in a Loving Community

We dream that each and every orphan will grow up in a healthy community where they are loved and cherished.

Supporting livelihoods

Betseb International helps raise Ethiopian families out of poverty in many ways, including through the formation of Voluntary Savings and Loan Associations.

A proven method to alleviate proverty, our VLSAs enable poor families to start a new enterprise and put aside money each week into an informal savings account to pay for expenses such as the education of their children and food.

Who We Are

We are a group of loving people dedicated to improving the lives of Ethiopia’s disadvantaged youth.

Through the kind support of our regualr donors, we have been able to provide a life for Ethiopian families that they could previously only dreamed of.

From helping with vulnerable children’s education to starting new businesses and setting up associations for saving, we are helping improve the quality of life for Ethiopian families.

Key Partners

full life foundation logo

Betseb International partnering with Fullife Foundation to make a difference to women and children in Ethiopia.

Together we aim to rescue people liviing in hopeless poverty and reduce the number of preventable deaths and diseases through economic empowerment.

By partnering with Fullife Foundation our mission is to support Ethiopian women and children break free of poverty and live healther and happier lives for a brighter future.

Beteseb Charity Association (BCA) has been working with its international partners for the last 15 years to help children, women, and youths in Ethiopia who are affected by the harsh realities of street life to help them recover, rebuild, and prevent from such terrible street life.  

BCA is a legally registered organization as per the laws, rules and regulations of governing charities and societies in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

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