W/ro Mekdes Barega Story

Name: W/r Mekdes Barega
Place of Birth: Aleta Wondo
Number of Children: Four
Ages of children: The eldest is 12 years old, the second one is 10 years old, the third is 9 years old and the youngest one is 6 years old.
Existing Business: Selling Coffee

Husband’s job: Day laborer
Workplace: A spot on a busy square in Hawassa

Mekdes husband works as day labour and is not able to feed his family from his income and has no other way to earn a wage.

So Mekdes started a small coffee business to earn income for her family too, but she also struggled to cover her daily expenses and make enough profit to feed her family. After she become a partner with Betseb International, she received a small loan and her coffee business is growing rapidly. She is now able to make enough profit to cover all her expenses and also send her children to school.

She is now working independently without Betseb support and  has grown a successful business.